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White Collar Crime

Have you been accused of white collar crime? If you are facing an investigation, arrested or charged with a White Collar Crime by federal authorities, you need an experienced investigator and criminal defense lawyer on your side. Have you been falsely accused of white collar crime? If you want justice, then you will have to fight for it and present your case in the best possible light. The other side wants to win, if you have been charged with a crime in a Texas Federal Court, you need an experienced investigator and criminal defense lawyer on your side.  As a criminal defense lawyer Wayne Goralski understands how to deconstruct a criminal case, and build your defense case, so that you can assert the best criminal defense.

Have you been arrested and charged?   Attorney Wayne Goralski  will fight to defend the rights of his clients. He has built his reputation on getting results. Lawyer Wayne “Roger” Goralski has achieved multiple pre-trial dismissals in criminal cases. He is intimately familiar with all facets of the criminal justice system, and has the criminal defense knowledge and skill to make sure you understand your legal options and to guide you through the criminal legal process. Criminal Defense Lawyer Wayne Goralski is based in Harris County, Chasewood Center,  20333 State Highway 249,Ste 200, Houston, TX 77070.


What is white collar crime? There are diverse definitions of ” White Collar Crime.” White collar crime is broadly defined to be financially motivated nonviolent crime committed by business and government professionals. Modern Criminology would classify it by type of crime as might be in the list below rather than by the type of offender. The FBI will see it as “those illegal acts which are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and which are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence,” or in other words, lying, cheating and stealing. Although the definition seems to be plagued by ambiguity, fraud and the violation of trust is the prevailing theme.  In any definition of the white collar crime category the accused defendants are most often, with some exceptions, citizens engaged in economic activities for personal gain with special access to money transactions within organizational and corporate entities. Consult with Houston Criminal Attorney Wayne Goralski for additional information regarding your criminal charges.


Accused of a crime? When you have been charged with a white collar crime, choose a based in Houston criminal defense attorney with the experience and dedication to make a difference. Call 832-834-4656 or contact the office online to schedule your initial consultation regarding your criminal case. Hire a criminal lawyer with offices conveniently located in Houston, Texas. Mr. Wayne Goralski is a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer who stands ready to represent you in your criminal matter.


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