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Reputation and Criminal Law- Why you must hire a criminal lawyer.

Having discussed criminal matters with literally thousands of people over the last 30 plus years and I am continuing taken back by how little people realize that any contact with law enforcement as a suspect that results in an arrest and charges will probably result in damage to their reputation. This is the age of digital memory and there is no forgetting. There may be forgiveness, but the digital memory is heartless and forever. Even a class c misdemeanor if it is a crime of moral turpitude will result in negative social consequences such as not being able to serve on a jury, diminished credibility, reduced employment opportunities, not being able to have a firearm and so on. Too many people regret entering a guilty plea for a fine or time served or some other alleged opportunity offered by the prosecution.  A wise person told me when I was a young policeman that, “they are always stacking the chips against you, just in case in they need to use them.” Now that may sound paranoid to some, but look at the way modern politics works, nothing but ad hominem attack after ad hominem attack on anyone entering into that arena.

You must hire a criminal lawyer anytime you are charged with crimes and even many traffic charges whether you are in a district court, county court, municipal court or JP court. Let me say it again, “hire a criminal lawyer to protect and defend your reputation.”

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