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Another Pope and the Hidden King

John Paul II was a student of Phenomenology. Husserl established phenomenology. Martin Heidegger was a seminal thinker in existential phenomenology. Heidegger entered a Jesuit seminary, then broke with Catholicism. He had many famous students including Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss, amongst others. Heidegger wrote extensively on Being trying to capture the origins of the philosophic […]

Atticus, the Pope, and the Rabbi

Harper Lee’s character Atticus said  something to the effect you can never know another human being until you walk through life in their skin a bit. Pope Francis said who am I to Judge? Jesus said remove the beam in your own eye first, before considering the mote in thy brother’s eye. Isn’t judgment specific […]

If you want Justice

If you want Justice, then you will have to fight for it, because the other side wants to win and for you to lose. You will not get your full due process unless you demand it.Your lawsuit will not settle on terms that you think are fair unless you are willing to force the issue by using […]

Reasonable Doubt

Most people who pay attention to current events in criminal justice circles are aware of the reports of convicted persons who are being released because they are in fact innocent persons unjustly imprisoned, sometimes after being falsely imprisoned for many years. These stories should give any rational person who is a member of the criminal […]

The Legal System and the Trial Lawyer

Why hire a lawyer you might ask?  Well, let us think about it.  A lawyer has been to college and law school and has passed a state bar exam. Presumably after all of that he or she knows something about the American legal system and just as importantly can think rationally about a legal problem […]

Where do Rights Come From?

Americans “know their rights,” and this is a time honored phrase, but where do your various rights come from?  There is no short answer to that question, but a good place to start in the legal sphere is the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then you may trace the concept of rights back […]

Cicero Quotes- Law, Justice, and History

―Cicero “The authority of those who teach is often an obstacle to those who want to learn.”

Sociology and Criminal Law

Many theorists see the criminal law as a product of society.  Theorists can clash and often do so strongly on the origins of law, but at some point the law is implemented by people and that intersects with politics.  Law, politics and sociology are intertwined. So, the study of sociology is a useful tool for […]

Plea Deals

Whether you are talking to criminal defense lawyers to hire one or thinking about representing yourself pro se, it is always a mistake to plea guilty prior to understanding the admissible evidence in the prosecution’s case.  In an effort to get the case over with it may be tempting to take the probation or apparently […]

Reckless Driving

A reckless driving offense in Houston can result in serious penalties if an individual is convicted of this serious traffic violation, including a jail sentence, points on the driver’s record, increased car insurance rates and surcharges. A person can be charged with reckless driving for excessive speeds over the speed limit, driving under the influence […]


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