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Cost of not Making Bail

If you are arrested in Harris County, it is best to make bond as soon as possible. Some defendants decide it is cheaper to stay in jail. However, the statistics show a startling fact, those who do not make bail are more likely to be convicted, make worse plea bargains, and serve longer sentences in […]

Employment Law

Many states legislate into statute a legal concept know as “employment at will” to describe the basic employer/employee relationship. Essentially, this means either side may terminate the employment for any reason. However, a contract right or a property right may change the “employment at will” relationship into conditional employment, giving the the employee greater job […]

Criminal Defense Basic Right

First rule: Every sentient being has a right to defend itself. This is a principal that many legal philosophers would consider basic to Natural Law. So, in our system of rights, the implementation of Positive Law, we recognize both the concept of self-defense -the right to defend oneself- and the right of a defendant not […]


Welcome to the official blog of the Law Office of Wayne Goralski. I hope you will find this page interesting and informative. We will write on topics of interest in the legal world. We will begin posting on this blog shortly, so please check back regularly for updates about the firm, the law, notable cases […]


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